Underfloor Distributor MTechnic CAMPUS PROtector 800

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The CAMPUS PROtector 800 is the first Underfloor Distributor with a patented, automatically cable protection system „PROtector“ for the cable outlet area. Due to the CAMPUS PROtector 800 is also closed in the operating condition, it is always in a safe and by the cable protection system “PROtector” always able to drive over.

  • equipped with patented cable exit protection “PROtector”
  • The cable is automatically protected in the cable outlet area. Highest personnel and system protection
  • global M Technic quality with built-in cable protection system
  • no damage during operation
  • the underfloor distributor is invisible
  • the cable outlet cover protects always
  • energy-saving winter mode
  • no maintenance-prone spindle drives
  • long service life even in harsh environments



Therefore it must be carried out for the first time no safety barrier in working condition. The Underfloor Distributor CAMPUS PROtector 800 is also invisible in operation and the idle state by the filled cover and the fillable cable exit cover. The cables and hoses are routed only through a cable outlet to the outside. This also offers even in operating condition a customized appearance and is protected against accidental or intentional damage or unauthorized electricity or water extraction.

M Technic Underfloor Distributor / Floor Pits / Hatch Pits are often used in market places, in the closed area of historic buildings, hangars, industrial buildings, event centers and sports facilities to ensure their high plant availability a reliable supply of power, data, water and compressed air supply.


  • with folded PROtector for complete cable protection in the cable outlet area
  • solid rubber distributor, equipping according to customer requirement
  • Additional versions for data technology, water, sewage and compressed air
  • with fillable cover and fillable cable exit lid
  • built-in lid heating for operation even in case of frost and for the water connection
  • variable thermostat
  • maintenance-free gas springs for easy opening
  • Installed terminal distributor for the underground cable
  • Construction made of solid stainless steel V2A (1.4301)
  • Dimensions: approx. 800 mm x 550 mm x 680 mm
  • Weight approx. 120 kg
  • load 125 kN (12.5 t) in accordance with DIN EN 124


  • during operation is the Underfloor Distributor and even the cable outlet area of lorries traversable
  • patented Cable Protection System PROtector
  • operationally in closed state
  • the cover and the cable exit lid can be filled
  • inevitable protection of the cables in the cable outlet area, either by the Protector or by the cable outlet lid
  • thermostatically controlled heater
  • protected against flooding (option)
  • automatic opening on gas springs
  • fully A2 stainless steel (1.4301) produced

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Cover material

stainless steel

Cover type

hinged lid

Degree of protection

IP 54


800х550х680 mm


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