Floor sockets and other

Since its foundation in 2005, we have been developing and implementing floor panels, teleblocks, mini-columns and wall-mounted distributors for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our production is focused on high quality, design and the best ratio of cost and productivity.

In addition to standard equipment, we offer the possibility of individual design and production at the request of the client in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to our wide range of services, fast and efficient implementation of your orders is guaranteed.

Our products are made of aluminum, stainless steel, PVC, etc. passes a thorough quality control.

We offer equipment with a degree of protection from IP 41 (drip moisture) for indoor use and up to IP 67 (waterproof) for outdoor use.

Sockets are certified by the VDE mark and are offered in different versions (French, Danish, Belgian, English, Swiss and other standards).

Our products have a wide range of options for configuring the modules and are selected individually at the request of the customer.

The caravan and camping equipment conforms to DIN VDE 0100-708 part 7-708 and is permitted for berths, camping and other public places.